Horween Navy Latigo, Brick Dainite sole

June 27, 2012 § 16 Comments


§ 16 Responses to Horween Navy Latigo, Brick Dainite sole

  • Sultan Kutubuddin says:

    These are beautiful! where and when will these be available? Thanks

    • vibergboot says:

      These will be available nearing end of the year. Just waiting upon the leather delivery at the moment.


  • Chris says:

    whats your opinion on chromexcel leather in terms of durability and longevity? People seem to love it or hate it, and I cannot seem to find a non-biased opinion anywhere, nor can I find pics of any boots in CXL that have been around for very long…

    • vibergboot says:

      I think the Chromexcel is a great leather. It will last the same length as a normal cowhide.

      I’ve got some photos posted thru the blog of fairly aged CXL , looks great with age , least the icy mocha color.

      Recently I’ve tried not to use it(CXL)as much , just for the simple fact that everyone has it. So this spring summer I’ve used only non CXL Horween leathers, this Latigo Navy is a nice example of other types of Horween leather.

  • pat o'sullivan says:

    Outstanding boot. Where will I be able to pick these up in the U.S.? I have a hard time finding your product here!

    • vibergboot says:

      We are working with Freeman Sporting Club on some things with the Navy Latigo.


      • pat o'sullivan says:

        Does that mean that this particular boot may not be available through Freeman’s? This design is beautiful.

      • vibergboot says:

        I am not sure exactly what their order specs are going to be at this point. You could order direct, as not many people carry our boots. Barney’s NYC will have some but I don’t think this color.
        Originally it was a SS13 color, but I did an early order for it with Freeman’s.

        Thanks ,

  • Pat O'Sullivan says:

    I mailed out my measurements Monday via snail mail on Monday, 7/30/12 for a pair of these direct…looking forward to hearing back! Thanks.

    • vibergboot says:

      I will let the factory know to keep an eye out for your mail. Probably email or call you upon arrival to go over all the details.


      • Pat says:

        I’m just touching base as to whether the factory received my measurements.. tried calling earlier but got voicemail. Thanks!

  • Paul V says:

    Is there any update on the availability of these?

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