September 27, 2013 § 8 Comments

Play with indigo on natural shell cordovan, black wax flesh country derby boot, service boot with guidi calf skin






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  • William says:

    Guidi leathers… and is that a blake-rapid machine? I can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves.

    • vibergboot says:

      No Blake, just a Rapid E sole stitcher. We have a Blake machine but probably won’t use it. I will doing good year welt soon though.

  • Josh says:

    are you guys getting other kinds of guidi leather as well? sth like the distressed horse / calf or matte smooth leather they provided for carpe diem back in the days? Hmm, things are getting more and more exciting with viberg.

  • De Lempdes says:

    I’m very intérested to buy this model with the guidi skin. There ´s no distributor in Paris France. So what is the best solution ? I send you my size ?
    And please, The Price. Thanks

    • vibergboot says:

      Thanks for the MSG. You can email info@viberg.com

      Currently all the Guidi leather is just in sampling now, while we are awaiting the leather shipment. We have no accounts in France at all.


  • Alex says:

    Are thee boots going to become available sometime in the near future?

    • vibergboot says:

      The bottom wax flesh country derby is available now on Viberg.com

      The indigo dye shell, we won’t be doing it was more experiment. We will be doing a whiskey shell cordovan but from a UK tannery which tans the same as Horween and Shinki in Japan. I have a navy shell coming as well for Viberg.com and it is Horween leather.

      The Guidi leather is on order and will be ready to buy probably around late Feb early March at the latest.

      If you have more questions please email info@viberg.com


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